Welcome to Wyatt adventure land

This was a quick dad/kid project to design and make a game in one afternoon.

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Here's how the game was made.

First we worked on planning the structure of the story

Then we made a csv with the game states in it

1,1.webm.gif,2,Lets go to Wyatt Adventure Land!
2,2.webm.gif,3,Check out the rides,4,Play some games
3,3.webm.gif,5,Ride the purple spinny thing,6,Ride the ringof fire,2,Go back
4,4.webm.gif,7,Get some icecream,8,Target shooting,2,Go back
5,5.webm.gif,3,Check out some other rides
6,6.webm.gif,3,Check out some other rides
7,7.webm.gif,11,Lets find them!
8,8.webm.gif,4,Check out some other things to do
9,9.webm.gif,3b,Check out some other things to do
11,11.webm.gif,4b,We'd better look around
12,12.webm.gif,4b,Check out some other things to do
2b,2.webm.gif,3b,Check out the rides,4b,Play some games
3b,3.webm.gif,9,Ride the purple spinny thing,10,Ride the ring of fire,2b,Goback
4b,4.webm.gif,11,Get some ice cream,12,Target shooting,2b,Go back
13,13.webm.gif,3c,Check out some other rides
14,14.webm.gif,3c,Lets go get that rat!
3c,3.webm.gif,13,Ride the purple spinny thing,14,Ride the ring of fire,15,Go back
15,15.webm.gif,https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ?,You win!

And wrote a script to make some pages from that data

cat game | while read gameline; do
	outfile="out/$(echo $gameline | cut -f1 -d',').html"
	echo "
">$outfile media=$(echo $gameline | cut -f2 -d',') echo "">>$outfile next=3 target=$(echo $gameline | cut -f"$next" -d',') echo "">>$outfile while [ "$target" != "" ]; do echo "">>$outfile done echo "
">>$outfile target="$(echo $gameline | cut -f"$next" -d',')" next=$(($next+1)) label="$(echo $gameline | cut -f"$next" -d',')" next=$(($next+1)) echo "$label">>$outfile echo "
">>$outfile echo "
">>$outfile done

And wonder of all wonders, it worked!